C 84

Legnago (VR)


The fragment of an imposing rustication in classic proportions is used as a base on which rises the "new". The image that can be seen is like a ruin of an important city building overlooking the street and dominates it; in it then is insert a built light-colored with more measured characteristics and proportions of which the eastern part is harnessed by perforated aluminum parapets. The prospects are characterized by three formally unequal but harmoniously integrated with each other volumetric elements. The southern boundary, that borders with the kindergarten Suore Canossiane, is not perpendicular to the alignment of the road but will create with it an acute angle of about 76 degrees. This irregularity has inspired us to imagine a volume which continues to cantilevered on the road. The projection pattern of the volume placed higher is not causal or a mere formalism, but it is perfectly perpendicular to the southern border. This element "splits" the underlying volume wedge in with it. The north glazed of the top floor opens into a privileged view to the nearby Adige River.




Recovery plan, Residential, Commercial

DMD s.r.l.

Covered area


Total amount


Preliminary project
arch. Damiano Zerman

Final project
arch. Damiano Zerman

Executive project
arch. Damiano Zerman

arch. Alessandro Merigo                 arch. Gianpietro Rinaldi

Electrical system project
p.i. Mirco Mattioli
Mechanical system project               ing. Loris Bisighin
Land register paperworks and land surveys
geom. Marco Migliorini
Work direction
ing. Davide Osanni

Osanni S.a.s. (Building works)
Fdm energie s.r.l. (Electrical systems)   I.T.S. F.lli Manzani (Hydraulic systems)
Silvio Sbambato (Iron works)         Sefim S.p.a. (Doors and windows)