Industrial complex Comac s.p.a.


Zevio (VR)


The industrial complex Comac SpA, which is located in the industrial zone of Santa Maria di Zevio, has been sincerely projected, so as not to deny its use purpose. The materials regularity, the elementary geometric shapes of which is composed and che chromatic homogeneity make the prospects elegant and pleasant at the sight.

The industrial building is preceded on the north side from a front building with the administrative function, in which offices and customers reception rooms are located.This is distinguished by the production building through a series of horizontal elements that protude from the transparent windows, causing some galleries that mark the height of the building and, being interrupted only by the the gigant central colonnade order, assure a remarkable dynamism.

The entrance is an imposing 10,50 meters high hall and is equipped with a scenic circular staircase in the background.The geometric shapes of which the environment is composed, despite its spatiality, are harmonious and well proportioned, thus succeeding in not placing the visitor in uneasiness.

The offices have an open plan layout, in which the various functions are divided by glass and chrome-plated steel walls, which can combine the total volume of the interior in a single block and at the same time highlight the supporting structure .

The industrial-purpose building was conceived as a compact building with essential lines, which does not differentiate it by character from the building that precedes it but at the same time does not deny its intended use.

During the design phase, particular importance was given to the employees work quality in terms of safety and comfort. Dressing rooms are located in the south-east area, so that they can satisfy the relaxation and privacy needs. The lighting is largely natural and provided by the large windows on the east and west sides and by the sheds in the covering in such a way as to bring the interior in visual communication with the outside and also improve working conditions. The canteen of over 300 sqm is located at 6.50 meters above the ground-level giving you a panoramic view of the surrounding countryside in such a way as to guarantee the employees well-being even during breaks.



Industrial buildings, offices

Comac s.p.a.

Parcel area
23.000 sqm

Total amount
5.000.000 €

Directional sector

Preliminary, final and executive design, costructions supervision

Covered area
1.130 sqm

11.865 cum

Production sector

Preliminary, final and executive design, costructions supervision

Covered area
10.223 sqm

71.561 cum


Preliminary project
arch. Damiano Zerman

Final project
arch. Damiano Zerman

Executive project
arch. Damiano Zerman

geom. Veronica Merlugo

Structural project
Studio abakos
Work direction and security
geom. Edoardo Zorzella
Electrical system project
ing. Orlandi Luciano
Mechanical system project

La Tre Costruzioni snc (Building works)
Mozzo Prefabbricati (Load-bearing structures and not-load-bearing walls)
Cubi&Perina (Electrical systems)
Trevisani Impianti Srl (Hydraulic systems)
Fraccarolo (Doors and windows)