Contrada delle Monache

Legnago (VR)


It is an intervention that has redeveloped a portion of the city just next to the river Adige. It is located in the historical center, a short walk from the Duomo and within the old arrangement of the walls of San Micheli.

The shape and the function of spaces stem from a careful analysis of the social, architectural and formal necessities of the city of Legnago. It aims at offering a new urban concept in which private, public and commercial spaces co-exist in a continuous socio-cultural interchange throught the proportioned Square.



Recovery plan, Residential, Commercial, 
Directorial, Public spaces

DMD s.r.l.

Parcel area
3.400 sqm

18.000 cum

Total amount
9.000.000 €


Preliminary project
arch. Damiano Zerman
with Dario De Grandis

Final project
arch. Damiano Zerman
with Dario De Grandis

Executive project
arch. Damiano Zerman
with Dario De Grandis

arch. Alessandro Merigo arch. Gianpietro Rinaldi


First recovery plan
arch. Roberto Facincani
Structural project
ing. Giampiero Marchetti
Work direction and security
ing. Davide Osanni - Paolo Osanni
Electrical system project
p.i. Mirco Mattioli
Mechanical system project
p.i. Loris Bisighin

Osanni s.a.s (Building works) 
Fdm Energie s.r.l. (Electrical systems) 
I.T.S. F.lli Manzani (Hydraulic systems) 
Silvio Sbampato (Iron works) 
Uniform (Doors and windows)

Esterni L-18.jpg
Esterni L-53.jpg
Esterni L-47.jpg
Interni L-3.jpg
Interni L-20.jpg
Interni L-8.jpg
Esterni L-26.jpg