Private garden

Pastrengo (Vr)


The aim was to redesign the outer space molding it in order to fully exploit the available garden by creating a paved space for placing a table for outdoor dining, a space for games, a tools warehouse and a swimming pool.

The tree and the hedge arranged to "C" in the first part of the garden, As well as offering shade, privacy and protection against street noise, enhance the garden's outlook: choosing the position of the shrubs is important for obtaining certain effects on the perception of the outdoor area.The recess of the entrance area of the chalet lends itself perfectly to be enclosed by an iron and glass window door bow-window form with which structure allows to derive one filter space between inner and outer before the entrance which also prevents the entry of cold air at the opening of the entrance door in the main environments of the house.

The swimming pool form is distinctly tied to the available space: the right angle correspond with the template of the garden while the curve line is inspired from the hilly soft form. In the swimming pool right angle part the water upper thread results at the ground-level. From the aesthetic point of view the water that traci over the edge creates a beautiful continuity effect, almost as if the pool had no boundaries and was lost in the vegetation. The water collection and filtration tank is located at a lower level compared to the pool and is hidden by hedges. In the hedge along the north eastern edge of the property are placed a shower, a stone sink and a BBQ ideal for summer barbecues.

The home garden is a protected open air space where adults and children can perform healthy activities: for this reason, it was decided to exploit this part of the garden by providing it with a minibasket area on a smooth concrete flooring. A lacking element which was missing in this garden was a tools warehouse and not wanting to change the existing volumetry we have seen how to insert an hypogeum space in the marked difference in height in the north part of the garden and keep above it the grassy cover accessible from the left by a stone staircase; a sloping ramp leads into the hypogeum to the right.



Private Garden


Parcel area
385 sqm

Total amount
125.000 €

Preliminary project
arch. Damiano Zerman

Final project
arch. Damiano Zerman

Executive project
arch. Damiano Zerman

arch. Alessandro Merigo arch. Gianpietro Rinaldi