The Firm

Studio Athesis was founded in Verona (Italy) in 2005 by the architect Damiano Zerman; the workgroup is also omposed by: arch. Alessandro Merigo, arch. Gianpietro Rinaldi, geom. Giorgio Osti and geom. Marco Migliorini.                The firm has been working with international clientes in different areas: residential architecture, public, industrial, educational, tourist, with the maximum attention to the context and care for architectonic details.                     Particular importance is given to the restoration, developed respecting
the history and conservation of the architectural and environmental heritage.



Design of residential building, design of public buildings (management, academic, commercial, production), recovery and restoration, feasibility studies, technical advice, architectural surveys, topographic surveys, material survey, stratigraphic analysis and degradation, image consulting and commercial , preliminary, final, executive, construction management, site safety, metric calculations / cost estimates / cost management, cadastral practices, coordination between the figures involved in the project, practices for the various entities (Municipalities, Superintendent, Usll) practices for saving energy, green building.