Legnago (VR)
2014 - under costruction


The building is adjacent to the historic city center of Legnago. The project includes a modern re-interpretation og the sixteenth and seventeenth-century buildings situated in the historic centers of our cities. The new volume fits into the already-existing buildings with such proportions as to mediate between the impressive volumes present in the rear part of the parcel and the relatively-small houses overlooking the perimeter. The main façade overlooking Via G. Martino, is marked by full and empty spaces with three full parts separated by two pillared loggias; the building is volumetrically symmetric with respect to the central axis of the main body. The vertical division is also tripartite according to ancient traditions: rustication on the lower part, plaster in the middle with a window-framed cornice at the top (skyline). In the main body are some embedded, proportioned red balconies that become  the adornment of the façade. The building slopes down in the rear, this forming terraces at different levels, providing ample, exposed spaces available to users.


Under costruction


DMD s.r.l.

Preliminary project
arch. Damiano Zerman

Final project
arch. Damiano Zerman

Executive project
arch. Damiano Zerman

Architectural project
arch. Damiano Zerman

arch. Alessandro Merigo               arch. Gianpietro Rinaldi


Structural project
ing. Giampiero Marchetti
Electrical system project
p.i. Mirco Mattioli
Mechanical system project               ing. Loris Bisighin
Work direction
ing. Davide Osanni

Osanni S.a.s. (Building works)
Fdm energie s.r.l. (Electrical systems)   I.T.S. F.lli Manzani (Hydraulic systems)
Silvio Sbambato (Iron works)     Sefim S.p.a. (Doors and windows)